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Entrepreneur of the Week: Antonio Johnson

Title: Mobile App Developer

City: Austin, Texas

Antonio Johnson

Creating a new way for people to experience a brand or a business through technology is my purpose. Enabling business from smart phones is the ultimate goal, both seamless and uncomplicated. There's no need to be complicated.

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Unique Designz Is A Full Service Media Company Based In Northern NJ/NYC Specializing In Creative Direction, Marketing, Graphic Design, Branding, And Printing.

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VITAphoneneo - Answer Your Door From The Cloud Anytime and Anywhere

VITAphoneneo is a smart cloud-based intercom powered by Android OS, that mounts near or directly to the front door of any home. It features a 9.7" IPS LCD with touchscreen, dual cameras, microphone, speakers, biometric scanner, as well as light, temperature and humidity sensors. The device is connected to the Internet for full access from anywhere. When a visitor comes to your home, they'll use the touchscreen to do the equivalent of ringing a doorbell using the 'call' button. A few seconds later you hear your doorbell ringing - from your smart phone! This lets you know about every visitor to your home even if you're in Hong Kong or Hawaii or anywhere in the world.

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Panthers Pump "Lyfe" Into Marketing Firm

The company, Lyfe Marketing, occupies a small office space. But in a span of a few years, brothers Sherman and Sean Standberry, with longtime friend Keran Smith, have applied that understanding to effectively grow their business. They've built a firm that pushed a simple ticket giveaway for the Atlanta Hawks to the top of Twitter as a trending topic. They boosted the brand of a new bleach tablet to reach well over 2 million people, and they marketed a local entrepreneur networking event tied to the ABC-TV program "Shark Tank," attracting hundreds of people in the show's fifth season.

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BasedGamer will be devoted to a community driven by gamers. Similar to the popular website, "," BasedGamer will feature a genuine aggregation of game reviews and other great features. Gamers will finally gain the spotlight they deserve with BasedGamer.

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